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November 30, 2010


SOA done right: Webcast coming up on Dec. 7

By Larry Walsh

Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) burst on the scene a few years back; by now it’s old enough to have a track record — and old enough to have its best practices well understood.

Even so, not all companies have implemented SOA. Many have allowed systems and servers to grow out of control over the years to the point where their IT infrastructure is very inefficient. Deploying a new application takes an unwarranted amount of time and simply adds to the clutter. These organizations desperately need to respond to changing business needs in a more agile manner. They desperately need SOA. But they need to do SOA right.

If you think your business may be agility-challenged, I suggest you check out the upcoming Webcast on SOA which will take place on December 7 at noon EDT. Rob Sawyer, product marketing manager for the IBM software group will explain the best way to get started with SOA. He’ll also tell how a health insurance provider was able to get out from under a tangled web of legacy applications, cut costs and achieve agility through SOA.

It’ll be an interactive Webcast, so bring your questions. You can register by clicking here.

Elsewhere: Ever wondered if you could do without a hard drive and store all your data in the cloud? Technology expert David Strom did just that. Read his account of how it went here.

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