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June 10, 2011

Making Customer Experience the Priority

By Larry Walsh

Everyone knows the old business saying that “the customer is always right.” Well, with the advancement of Web sites infused with business intelligence and socialization tools, the customer may tell businesses how to be better at interacting and servicing them.

Despite a decade of rapid Web development and the evolution from static content to rich media and interactivity, most businesses are still missing the mark when it comes to satisfying their customers’ online needs. In a recent Forrester Research survey, only 6 percent of brands received an “excellent” rating from their customers. Nearly one-third of firms rated by 7,700 survey participants were scored as “poor” or “very poor.”

Enterprises are discovering that Web sites designed to improve ease of interactivity with customers lead to better outcomes. Businesses that have adopted a “customer first” approach to their Web development have a 200 percent higher sales conversion rate than none optimized sites, a 30 percent higher rating in self-service help desk and 14 percent higher repeat business. Additionally, such Web sites are 16 percent more likely to have customers recommending products and services to friends.

No business will likely say they intended their Web sites to be unfriendly to customers. Web sites are, after all, portals between the physical and virtual worlds, which help decrease cost of sales and makes consumption easier for customers. Exceptional Web experiences, though, are a combination of a balance between form and function, seamless experience between PC and mobile platforms, targeted to intended users, and perceived as trusted and reliable by users.

On Monday, June 13, IBM and Royal Bank of Canada will review the technical and business aspects of strengthening customer loyalty and experience through exception Web experiences. This special Webinar will review the practice benefits of investing in social and business intelligence tools in next-generation Web sites, as well as technical requirements for building such platforms.

This is a must-attend event for any business that either has a reliance on online platforms for customer interactions or wants to expand their online capabilities and improve customer relations and retention. Click here to register for this special event today.

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