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September 20, 2011

Avoiding D.O.A DBAs

By Joe Maglitta

Database administrators ranked #7 on the latest CNN Money annual listing of the “100 Best Jobs in America”. Good pay, growth prospects and job security helped push DBAs ahead of sales directors (#8) but behind civil engineers (#6). The biggest bugaboo: Big-time stress.

“Be prepared for middle-of-the-night tech meltdowns to set off your pager,” warns the “What’s Not to Like” description of the job. I can see all the DBAs nodding from here.

Data Centers have always been complex. But never have databases demanded as much time and attention as they do today. Unfortunately, as we well know, staffing budgets have not kept pace with workloads. Thus, DBAs end up picking up more and more work. Despite valiant efforts, productivity suffers.

A big part of the problem is ever-expanding software complexity. “The technology also changes rapidly,” the CNN Money report continues.”DBAs typically need to master new programs every six to nine months.” That doesn’t even take into account the new hardware that often must be mastered.

As businesses accumulate more and more data, DBAs and the work they do are more important than ever. So now is the time to break free from database vendors that force you to keep investing in additional skills and hardware to accommodate the inefficiencies of their software.

And that happens to be exactly the focus of a live webinar I’ll be hosting on Thursday: “Stop Losing Sleep: Remedies for Managing your Data Center Complexity Worries”. I’ll be joined by Jilian Stuhler, solutions delivery director at Triton Consulting and Conor O’Mahony, a DB2 product marketing at IBM.

We’ll explore new IBM data management solutions that can help DBAs become more efficient and more focused higher-value strategic projects. We’ll also talk about cutting the cost and risk of data center complexity, which will make your bosses happy. The one-hour cast will be live, so we’ll field your emailed questions.
You can learn more and register by clicking here.

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