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January 3, 2012


Big Data Driving SOA, Driving More Big Data

By Larry Walsh

We’re barely into the new year and the IT industry is already chanting about the coming advancement in IT management and IT value brought about by previous advancements in service oriented architecture (SOA) and cloud computing. Adding enterprise social collaboration to the mix is the latest trend.

Here’s the reality of these technology trends: They all feed each other to create a vortex of new capabilities that speed IT deployment, enhance capabilities and drive down costs and utilization. It’s because they rely upon and create “Big Data.”

Big Data is all about, well, data. Rather than the raw, unstructured kind that constantly chews up storage capacity by the terabyte, Big Data is rationale data that is accessible and actionable. It requires data center capacity and applications to generate. It requires social collaboration or smart communications systems to make it accessible and actionable. And it needs the cloud to expedite deployments and make capacity more elastic.

Big Data is nothing short of making the mass of IT infrastructure that currently exists – along with new capacity in the cloud – more valuable by placing making its product more applicable. As a result, IT professionals and executive management are less concern about the infrastructure – servers, storage, networking switches – and more concern about business outcomes and value statements.

This is a paradigm shift. In previous generations, IT departments and management talked about the business, but really didn’t care. Their job was to build the networks and deploy the applications that the business teams would use to conduct their operations. Now, IT management can think and act on business concepts, applications and goals, and truly approach the technology as a tool for achieving those goals.

Making 2012 the year of Big Data shouldn’t be seen as a destination. In fact, it’s cyclical. The more Big Data consumed by the enterprise, the more demand for access to data and applications, which will necessitate more infrastructure. This will drive greater adoption of on-premise SOA infrastructure and cloud assets to meet the increasing demand.

IT managers will have a lot to look forward to in 2012 in meeting the demands and expectations of Big Data. SOA, cloud computing and social communications are the tools that will help them meet that demand.

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