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April 10, 2012


Laying the Foundation of a Social Business

By Larry Walsh

Email is dead. Dead as the Pony Express and telegraph telegrams. Dead as a Marconi radio. Dead as parchment with wax seals.

Business no longer has time to wait for messages to wind their way from Point A to Point B. Information is the fuel of the business engine and businesses need a constant and reliable supply. And this is why social networking is fast becoming the next-generation of communications.

On Thursday, April 12, Eye on IBM will be hosting a Webcast on the evolution of the social business. This event will focus not on the technology or the products, but rather the process for starting and nurturing the social business infrastructure.

Starting a social business is an important topic as converting to this medium of communications is not the same as when businesses adopted email. When email became mainstream back in the 1990s, businesses and their employees marveled at the speed by which they could convey important and routine messages. Mail and communications costs dropped dramatically and productivity soared. It was an evolution from analog to digital in the truest sense.

Enterprises are quite comfortable with email, but it’s a bloated and, surprisingly, slow way of conveying and gathering information. It chews up bandwidth and storage capacity. On the other hand, the social method enables people to reach out to the world with queries and find the answers and information they’re seeking with ease and expediency.

Getting businesses over the threshold from conventional to social isn’t easy. Where snailmail to email was evolutionary technology, social business is a cultural revolution. Enterprises are traditionally closed organization in which communications are kept confidential and information is shared on a need-to-know basis. Social business requires opening the doors to information and having faith that the world of experts and networkers will bring you what you need.

This is why getting off on the right foot and having a social business structure and plan is so essential. The social business requires enterprises to assign people to build and nurture the social interaction. Enterprises need to set the rules and conditions under which social activity takes place. And it needs to provide the incentive to work through social rather than conventional channels.

Building a social business isn’t easy, but it’s not rocket science either. Our webcast will explore what it takes to lay the foundations for a social business and how to build it into a primary communications medium. Social business is the future; planning is the key.

To register for the social business webcast, please click here.

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