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May 25, 2012


Apps in Cloud Brings Business Together

By Marie Lingblom

Angry Birds and Words With Friends aren’t the only mobile apps with increasing user bases. Core business applications often relegated to PCs in the back office are finding their way to smartphones and tablets in the form of lightweight apps that connect to server- and cloud-based software.

“Everything from smart phones to sensors, to telemetry applets. And it’s not just about creating a sexy mobile app,” Marie Wieck, IBM general manager of application and integration middleware, told IT conference goers in Las Vegas this month.

“If you can’t connect those apps to the rest of your business, and do it at Internet scale and deliver them quickly through the cloud, then you may be left behind,” she said.

Cloud computing is moving quickly into every facet of application development and deployment. For instance, cloud markets that have emerged include cloud application platforms, cloud testing, data integration as a service, database as a service, integration as a service, and platform as a service.

And when it comes to leveraging the cloud to deliver development and test environments, there’s a new cooperation among key business and technology stakeholders. For instance, “DevOps” refers to development and operations teams collaborating to accelerate delivery and deployment of software services for traditional and cloud infrastructures.

Among those now working together via cloud to reduce operational and capital expenses, development and test cycle times and improve quality and time to market are chief information officers, application development vice presidents, IT development managers, and test managers.

Cloud computing is also a main theme in what IDC and others are calling “3rd Platform” technologies. IDC application development group vice president Stephen Hendrick, singles out key technologies including mobile devices, big data, social business, and cloud services.

These 3rd Platform technologies, says IDC, are accelerating how information assets are built and leveraged, and leading the transition of an information and communication technology industry pegged at $3.3 trillion.

Cloud development and deployment, mobile applications, application lifecycle development, and other related topics are high on the agenda at IBM Innovate2012 in Orlando, June 3-7. Click here for more information or to register for the IBM Innovate2012.

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