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May 31, 2012


Preparing For the Invasion of the Zettabytes

By Dave Courbanou

The digital world is getting bigger, fast. By some estimates, global Internet traffic will hit 1.3 zettabytes (that’s 1,300,000,000,000,000,000,000 bytes) by 2016, essentially quadrupling the total 2011 global traffic.

That growth is attributed to a variety of factors, but essentially, just four: increased mobile users, increased Internet users in general, increasing bandwidth speeds and the influx of “rich Web content.”

Most relevant is the predicted growth of “connected business devices.” Out of all areas for device growth, taking into account both home and consumer devices, the business world is expected to increase the most, by a sizable 18 percent for a total of 5.1 billion connected devices.

The only question now is — what do enterprises do about it? There are a few key areas the enterprise can address to future proof the data center now and be ready for Mega-Web 2016.

First, it all comes down to bandwidth. That means checking in with your service provider and ensuring high quality connections can be made. Much like the transitional days from dial-up to broadband, Web content will continue to adapt to the availability of bandwidth. In North America, the average Internet connection will jump from 11 Mbps to a chunky 37 Mbps. With that average quality of bandwidth available in 2016, the floodgates will open for more advanced social collaboration, video conferencing and even more complex cloud technologies. In short, big pipe are critical.

But a bigger pipe at the network edge isn’t the only thing needed. It’s also about the infrastructure. A bottleneck in the data center makes the bigger pipe useless, so future-proofing iron on the racks is a good idea. In addition, more advanced mobile devices will require more advanced wireless networking features, just as higher quality video conferencing will require gigabit-level networking components. It goes without saying that cloud technologies will also require more sophisticated security appliances.

Still think it’s much ado about nothing? Consider video conferencing. This technology will end up being “the fastest-growing service,” with an estimated 219 million users in 2016. If video conferencing grows that fast, it’s not hard to imagine how fast VoIP, presence and other communication services will grow, too.

If you’re part of the system, you’re contributing to the system. No device is an island. With traffic in the zettabytes, there will be serious influx of terabytes in the data center. Making sense of what data is worth keeping and what data is junk will be an integral part of a company backup plan, even more so than it is today. Investing in deduplication technology and smart analytics software can help extract and define unstructured data, cut down on unnecessary multimedia and ensure there are no unneeded redundancies in the system. Efficiency in data performance is something worth investing in, even with the cost of data continually dipping. At a certain point, more drives cannot always be the answer.

The most important thing to remember — don’t panic. Even though the impending zettabye era is a short ways off, there’s plenty of time to take inventory and plot a course to the future. A transitional plan is always ideal for the enterprise, but also take the opportunity to see existing problems as transitional ramps. While many IT infrastructure issues are seen as time-sensitive, the short-term solution may not be the best. Look closely at the pain points in enterprise IT with an eye towards the new and evolving Web, and suddenly, you’ll uncover an opportunity to future-proof for 2016.

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