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May 2, 2013


Subway Tops ‘Social Currency’ Ranking

By Heather Clancy

When it comes to social media strategy, which companies should your organization emulate?

You might want to acquaint yourself with a list curated by consulting firm Vivaldi Partners for inspiration. Here are the top five companies on its “social currency” ranking:

Verizon / Dunkin’ Donuts (tied for fifth place)

Vivaldi defines social currency as the degree to which consumers share information or perspectives about a particular brand with members of their personal social networks.

Its latest insight (this is an ongoing list) reflects a survey of more than 5,000 consumers in the United States, Germany and the United Kingdom. More than 60 brands and businesses were considered along these six metrics: utility, information, conversation, advocacy, affiliation and identity. A score was calculated based on the aggregate results in each of these areas.

What made Subway stand out?

According to Vivaldi’s analysis, the restaurant chain benefits from a large Twitter following and Facebook audience (more than 20 million fans!), as well as its very active engagement. The company has been extremely effective with promoted deals, “without pushing the advertising theme too far,” the firm writes in its report about the ranking.

This takes persistence and patience.

“Brand performance requires continuous commitment and continuity,” writes Vivaldi in its executive summary. “There seems to be no success in half-hearted efforts or experimentation. There is a need to keep consumers engaged and to find the right balance between advertising, information, entertainment or utility.”

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