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May 7, 2013

Survey Deciphers Why Women ‘Share’ on Social Media

By Heather Clancy

We have all heard many, many times that the biggest thing that motivates most of us to buy things is the recommendation of someone who either is like us or someone who we trust.

It turns out this is particularly true for women, according to a new survey conducted on behalf of House Party, a social media platform that (as you might expect) leverages this concept to nurture customer engagement. They are also particularly social, according to the data that House Party has gathered.

Indeed, approximately one half of the 3,000 women polled from among House Party’s membership community of “brand advocates” estimated that they spend more than three hours on Facebook every day, one-third of them spend an hour on Pinterest, and one-fifth spend an hour on Twitter. The median age of these individuals is between 30 and 39, most of them have kids, most are married and most are White or Caucasian.

So what? Well, consider that 79 percent of these individuals make recommendations to friends and family on a daily or weekly basis, according to the House Party data.

A slightly smaller number (75 percent) said they use social media to share information, learn about brands and products, and share and get recommendations.

“Recommendations are the biggest driver of consumer purchases and the biggest driver of recommendation is trial,” said Kerry Lyons, senior vice president of marketing at House Party, commenting about the survey findings. “Women like to be in-the-know and spend a lot of time consuming social media and sharing their recommendations with friends and family. To leverage their powerful influence, marketers need to put products in their hands.”

Here are two other high-level findings:

1) Trial usage is more likely to inspire a recommendation than a pricing discount. In fact, the power of discounts, promotions and special offers was third both to recommendations and to high-level trust in a brand.

2) Trusted brands don’t need discounts to attract “likes” on social media platforms; women will do it because they appreciated them.

Given these findings, how can you turn a customer – whether it’s a man or a woman – into an advocate for your company or product using social media?

You can glean some tips from an upcoming IBM Webinar, “5 Steps to Nurture Customer Loyalty and Increase Profitability – Now.” Register now for the live session on Wednesday, May 8, at 1 pm Eastern time. You’ll hear from both Helena Schwenk, Principal Analyst for Analytics and Information Management at MWD Advisors, a leading industry expert on Analytics; and Marygrace Bateman, Market Manager for IBM Business Analytics.

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