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May 16, 2013

Unilever Deploys Social Technology to Connect Global Marketing Team

By Heather Clancy

Most marketers are eager to leverage social media techniques and platforms to engage with their company’s customers and customer prospects.

But what about engaging with each other internally for better engagements and collaboration? This is a topic that gets discussed far less frequently, however, consumer products giant Unilever is bucking that trend.

Its global marketing operation in April launched a comprehensive new community that will connect its marketers, brand managers and engagement partners in 190 different countries. The resource, which builds on the Salesforce cloud platform and took just 12 weeks to implement in its first phase, was developed by cloud services and social engagement integrator Accenture.

The new marketing social community provides the Unilever marketing operation with access to best practices that have been cleaned across multiple geographies, it provides brand hubs for managing content and assets related to specific product lines, and it provides collaboration tools that link internal and external teams.

“We’ve gone from a blank piece of paper all the way through to rolling out the first release of the platform in about three months using Salesforce technology,” said Mark McClennon, CIO Consumer, for Unilever.

Simplicity will be key to adoption and building engagement, according to Accenture. “We built rich innovative applications to drive business value, whilst at the same time, we kept it very simple so the applications are very familiar, achieving rapid adoption,” said Bernie Segal, managing director for Accenture Interactive.

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