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June 16, 2014

Human Resources: It Must Evolve, Embrace Social Media

By Karen J. Bannan

There’s been a lot of talk about how social media has changed recruiting and hiring. Sites like LinkedIn make it easier to go out and find the right candidate – especially those who may not be looking for a new position. Meanwhile, services like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram help human resources figure out if the candidate they’re about to make a six-figure offer to is going to embarrass the organization or become a toxic plume in a company talent pool. But social media’s impact on the HR department doesn’t stop there. Indeed, it’s becoming embedded in the thread of the department, helping HR do everything from empowering the business to improving sales to boosting customer loyalty and satisfaction, according to a recent IBM study, New Expectations for a New Era: CHRO insights from the Global C-suite.

A big driver of this new focus, according to study results, is the quest to become more “customer activated” – being able to provide the instant communication, personalization and interaction with customers. While companies that want to achieve this are partnering more extensively and looking for others who can help deliver increased value to end customers, for many companies this also means reaching out to, communicating with and learn from customers directly, something the study characterizes as becoming more commonplace.

Human resources must evolve to become a bigger part of that because it is the supplier of critical roles and personnel in the organization. And if the department isn’t thinking about social media as part of every hire, it will be soon, according to the study. “Not only will organizations have to address traditional customer-facing positions, such as sales and customer service, but also those that create unique digital experiences. Examples include roles such as mobile device architects, “community” managers who bring together customers from around the globe to share insights and provide support, data scientists who derive unique customer insights, and design specialists who engage customers directly when new products and services are being designed and built.”

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