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Blue Synergies: IBM ties together Cognos 10 and Lotus Connections

When companies make acquisitions, there is a lot of talk about realizing synergies. But usually, as soon as the ink on the press release is dry, everyone goes their way and no-one checks back to see if those synergies were ever realized.

So it’s striking that IBM is now touting synergies between two companies that it acquired: Lotus and Cognos. Lotus came into the IBM fold back in 1994; Cognos in 2008. Cognos makes business intelligence software; Lotus pioneered groupware which has evolved into collaboration software. The synergies happen when Cognos BI is integrated with Lotus collaboration tools.

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2011: The year of getting social?

While everyone’s attention has turned to tablet PCs and personal gizmos thanks to Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this week, it’s worth asking whether 2011 will really be the year of the tablet, pad, or slate — or whether, a year from now, we will wake up to realize that we have just lived through the year of social media instead.

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Listing badly:List, while I enter the lists with lists*

The year 2010 is winding down, so everyone has been coming up with a list of top things that happened in 2010 or top things that will happen in 2011. Some are there to fill space during a slow news week. Others provide surprising insight. Here are a few:

Walt Mossberg’s 2011 to-do list for the top tech companies.

Cnet’s look back at 2010

eWeek has a bunch of lists, including this one by Chris Preimesberger on the top 10 data storage events of 2010.

Here’s a hot skills list for 2011 from Computerworld.
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Cognos 10: You can never be too fast, too social or too mobile

Cognos 10, the new release of IBM’s flagship business analytics product, has a host of improvements, most notable among them being faster operation, support for Apple iPhone and iPad devices and integration with Lotus Connections for social networking (communities, blogs and wikis). The rollout of Cognos 10 headlines the IBM IOD (Information on Demand) conference in Las Vegas this week. (See eWEEK’s coverage here; InformationWeek’s coverage here.)

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Is IBM mobile enough?

This is a surprise? Cloud and mobile are the two hottest areas of IT – so an IBM survey has found. The 2010 IBM Tech Trends Survey, conducted online by IBM developerWorks, is based on answers from 2,000 IT developers and specialists in 87 countries. Indeed, the survey confirms what we already know — that IT pros see cloud and mobile as key strategies.

For the moment, let’s turn our attention away from cloud and focus on mobile.

The news: Microsoft has just made a major pitch with Windows Phone 7. As has traditionally been its approach, Microsoft has waited for innovators to create the market before diving in and attempting to claim a big piece of the market. With a reported $100 million to be spent on an advertising campaign, its bringing all its considerable market muscle to bear.

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Not to be mist: Cloud offerings from Lotus

Worth checking out: IBM juiced-up its Lotus Notes collaboration platform with a cloud-based version at $10 per user per month. LotusLive collaboration suite brings together e-mail, calendar, instant messaging, Web conferencing, file sharing and social networking.

IBM also unveiled a Cloud service called LotusLive Notes, which includes e-mail, shared calendar, instant messaging and personal contact services, starting at $5 per user per month. Read more


Integration and Collaboration in the Cloud

Some theorists say that the future of all IT lies in the cloud. If you accept that premise, then the logical conclusion is that it’s pointless to invest any further in on-premises IT. IT skeptic and provocateur Nicholas G. Carr sees cloud computing as a stage on the way to computing resources becoming a commodity like electricity.

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