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Cognos 10: You can never be too fast, too social or too mobile

Cognos 10, the new release of IBM’s flagship business analytics product, has a host of improvements, most notable among them being faster operation, support for Apple iPhone and iPad devices and integration with Lotus Connections for social networking (communities, blogs and wikis). The rollout of Cognos 10 headlines the IBM IOD (Information on Demand) conference in Las Vegas this week. (See eWEEK’s coverage here; InformationWeek’s coverage here.)

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Time to Break up Apple?

Apple 2010; the 1927 Yankees; the 1986 Celtics

Let’s see, Apple’s stock is at $300 per share, an all-time high and up from $10 per share in 2003; Apple is the second-most valuable company in the U. S., behind only ExxonMobil. The Macintosh is at 10% of personal computer sales and Apple is the third largest maker of personal computers behind Hewlett-Packard and Dell; Microsoft is coming out with Office 2011 for the Mac – which will put it close to par with the PC version; a new version of MacOS is waiting in the wings.

It’s an amazing story. To appreciate Apple’s accomplishment you have to go back to 1997 when Apple was practically in life support and the hated Bill Gates threw Apple a lifeline in the form of a $150 million investment. The uphill climb to the pinnacle of today started there.

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Is IBM mobile enough?

This is a surprise? Cloud and mobile are the two hottest areas of IT – so an IBM survey has found. The 2010 IBM Tech Trends Survey, conducted online by IBM developerWorks, is based on answers from 2,000 IT developers and specialists in 87 countries. Indeed, the survey confirms what we already know — that IT pros see cloud and mobile as key strategies.

For the moment, let’s turn our attention away from cloud and focus on mobile.

The news: Microsoft has just made a major pitch with Windows Phone 7. As has traditionally been its approach, Microsoft has waited for innovators to create the market before diving in and attempting to claim a big piece of the market. With a reported $100 million to be spent on an advertising campaign, its bringing all its considerable market muscle to bear.

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Is it nostalgia for the Etch-a-Sketch? Or is the iPad really that good?

The iPad is getting traction in corporations in a way that other novel devices have not.

When it comes to the iPad, something is different – very different. Apple devices have had a tough go in the enterprise for decades, at best carving out a niche as a necessary exception.

Upon its debut a few years ago when it was practically quarantined from entering most enterprises, the iPhone was no exception. But then something funny happened. People liked it so much, it was allowed in. Perhaps it’s on the wave of that acceptance that the iPad is riding.

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Dell Looks Beyond its PC Business – Again?

Standing Headline: “Dell looks beyond its PC business.” Dell has been doing that for, um, a decade? Two? Still, the 9/7 WSJ article on Dell highlighted a couple of facts worth noting.

1)      Dell last year hired away IBM mergers and acquisitions exec Dave Johnson.

2)      Even as actual PC sales have increased, the percentage of Dell’s revenue that comes from PC sales has declined every year since Michael Dell returned to the helm in 2007. Since the company acquired services firm Perot systems in 2009, you would expect that the services portion of revenue would increase. And the acquisition of Equallogic in 2007 means you’d expect the storage component of revenue to increase also.

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