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Integration and Collaboration in the Cloud

Some theorists say that the future of all IT lies in the cloud. If you accept that premise, then the logical conclusion is that it’s pointless to invest any further in on-premises IT. IT skeptic and provocateur Nicholas G. Carr sees cloud computing as a stage on the way to computing resources becoming a commodity like electricity.

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BPM app set-up? No problem. Getting it to do something useful? Totally different story.

Lori MacVittie has done a great service by taking a close look at just what typically happens in the rollout of a BPM application. Getting the BPM app up and running is no big deal – but getting it to do something useful and thereby to justify its existence is quite another matter, she points out.

The devil of BPM deployment is in the details, including integrating with corporate data and getting buy-in from the workers whose processes it will change. That remains the same regardless of where the application is running – on a server in your data center or out in the cloud, MacVittie contends. Read more